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 Lesson One


Discussion of type of material in waste water and contribution to BOD

Explain causes of BOD

Read about recalcitrant molecules on the follwing web page

Recalcitrant Moelcules


more abot recalcitrant molecules

Non metal contaminants

Environmental effects of unprocessed waste water

Read the web page from CSIRO regarding Nutrient removal the return here by clicking your back button

Nutrient Removal


Effect of reducing oxygen in rivers and steams

Read about accumulation in food chain of toxic contaminants at the following hyperlink:

Accumulation in Food Chains of algal toxins

What is "phisteria"? Is it fish hysteria? Look at





Read about eutrophication on this hyperlink:

Eutrophication Explained

Read about how to control of eutrophication:

Control of Eutrophication

Read about nitrate in rivers and streams:

Nitrate in Rivers and Streams

  Read about river pollution at:

Uni Colorado's Ecoline

Or contact River Blue for information through Halina Kobryn of Murdoch University WA by e-mail:

Effect of excess water discharge into environments

Read about measuring B.O.D

Measuring B.O.D.

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