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Certificate IV in Food Technology

Waste Management AAA807

Lesson List


Lesson One

Discussion of type of material in waste water

Lesson Two

Outline current methods of treatment of wastewater

Lesson Three

Outline the Soil filtration treatment of wastewater

Lesson Four

Outline Grass filtration and Lagooning processes for waste treatment

Lesson Five

Outline the activated sludge digestion process

Lesson Six

Discuss wastewater generation in food processing plants and the need for pretreatment and effluent control.


Lesson Seven

Discussion of type of material in solid waste and Outline methods of disposing solid waste


Lesson Eight

Discuss solid waste generation in food processing and identify control strategies and identify possible bi-products for utilization

Lesson nine

Identify sources of raw water available to food processing plants and examine methods of municipal raw water treatment

Lesson Ten 

Identify regulations relating to waste and waste disposal


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