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William Angliss Institute

Waste management

Test Final

Certificate Food Technology

Old Test




1)Re-Match up the following three types of sewage treatment with the type of process and examples (the shaded words are in the wrong places)



Sewage Treatment

Type of process


Primary treatment


Trickle filter

Secondary treatment



Tertiary treatment


Activated sludge


2) How does primary treatment of sewage remove waste? (3)

3) What sort of material is removed in secondary treatment? (2)

4) Give two examples of secondary treatment methods (2)

5) What is anaerobic sludge digestion? (2)

6) Show a layout of a sewage treatment system involving primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.


7) What are the main steps in the purification process for drinking water? (3)

8) Why should as much organic material be removed as possible before chlorinating of drinking water?


9) What is leachate and why is it harder to treat than sewage? (3)

10) What are the three main ways of disposing solid wastes? (3).


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