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Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management


Module Outline


Please note that these on-line lecture notes are meant only to be an aid to you in regard to the face to face lecture and tutorials conducted at the institute. These notes are not intended to be a complete on-line correspondence course. For complete on-line interactive courses of study

Please refer to the Angliss Cyberschool

General Online References:

Baggot, J. and Dennis, S.E. "Netbiochem"

Dr. Shelly J. Schmidt "Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition"



This module aims to


Compulsory for tutorials:

Regency Institute of TAFE "Commercial Cookery, Food Nutrition" Regency Publishing, Regency Park 1998

Optional Reference:

Rosemary Stanton; "Food for Health "W. B. Saunders / Bailliere Tindall, Sydney 1983





Barry Brazier and Colin Garrett


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Nutrition Australia

Australian Nutrition Foundation


Hospitality Association

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