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Contribute to Achievement of Quality Assurance


Course Description

        This unit of competency covers the development of a working knowledge of quality principles and their application in laboratory/field work. This unit of competency has no prerequisites. This unit of competency is applicable to production personnel and laboratory/field assistants working in all industry sectors covered by this Laboratory Operations Training Package.


General Online References

Quality Control History

The old masters never fade away
By Professor Tony Bendell


Total quality control: a 'top down, bottom up' approach.


Generate a Quality Assurance System


                                    How to Implement a QA management system


Manage Continuous improvement

       PDCA Cycle


Power Point lessons:


      Lecture One “Introduction to QC”



Lecture Three “ Quality Management System’


Lecture Four A “Documentation required for GMP”


Standard SOP template

Lecture Four C  Sampling procedures


Lecture Five “Seven tools of QC”


Lecture Four  “ QA in Analytical laboratories ”




Lecture Six “ Continuous Improvement and PDCA cycles”