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Food Biology Test



Answer the lowing questions you may, if you require, obtaining information from to the Food Biology web page at

copy and paste this html file into a word document and type answers in the spaces provided then e-mail the completed paper to me as an attachment at

  1. What is an ecological niche

  3. The modern classification of living things puts them into "Domains" how does this differ from the old five Kingdome system

  5. Dichotomous Key assignment
  6. a) Go to the web page

    b) And Download What is the Key to Classification? By clicking on the link provided.

    c) Unzip the unit and open the files

    d) Start your browser (eg., Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer) and open edmatter.htm in the 'edmatter' folder/directory and follow the links.

    e) key out the organism that looks like the following picture

  7. What is a climax community how does succession bring this about


  9. How does Biological Magnification refer to Ciguatera Fish Poisoning

  11. What is the function of each of the following in a human cell?
    1. nucleus
    2. mitochondria
    3. golgi apparatus
    4. ribosomes
  1. What is the function of each of the following in a plant?
    1. xylem
    2. phloem
    3. stomata
  1. What causes water to be imbibed in to cells with osmosis
  2. What are four ways materials can cross cell membranes
  3. Living cells rely on many chemical reactions inside the cells. How is it possible to determine which molecule react with which and that the reactions occur at the body temperature of the organism?