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Diploma Food Technology

Organic Chemistry

Course Outline

Module Purpose

To provide introductory level skills and concepts of classes of organic chemistry and provide essentials skills in naming and classifying organic compounds and predicting their reactions

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module Learners will be able to:

1 Describe the nature of organic compounds and define important terms relating to organic chemistry
    1. Interconvert names and molecular structures of organic compounds
    2. Recall and apply functional group reactions
    3. Link physical properties of organic compounds to their structure
    4. List and discuss the applications of simple organic compounds
Student requirements:

To pass this module students will be required to

    1. Attend 75 % of classes
    2. Submit satisfactory reports of practicums
    3. Complete problem sheets
    4. Attain 50% average of the two tests


No compulsory text is prescribed for this module however the following will be useful

McMurry, J. (1994) Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, Brooks/Cole.

ISBN: 534212107

On-line: On-line Organic Chemistry

Think Quest

Class Program

Naming, occurrence, classification, reactions and application of each of the following will be covered.

Practice Test

Topic 1 History of organic chemistry

Unique nature of carbon

Topic 2 Alkanes

Topic 3 Alkenes and alkynes

Topic 4 alcohols

Topic 5 aldehydes and ethers

Topic 6 carboxylic acids

Topic 7 amines and amides

Topic 8 alicyclic compounds

Topic 9 nitro compounds and nitriles

Topic 10 carcinogenic compounds

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