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Diploma Confectionery Manufacture

Certificate IV in Food Technology

General Microbiology





The goal of this course is to give you a basic knowledge of microbes and to aquaria basic microbiological techniques

Online Reference by Professor S.K. Schmidt

The Learning Outcomes:

Learners will be able to:

    1. Interpret and apply relevant terminology accurately and appropriately
    2. Identify major groups of microbes
    3. Prepare culture media
    4. Enumerate bacteria by standard plate count methods
    5. Perform and interpret tests to identify bacterial groups
    6. Identify effects of physical and chemical agents on microbial growth
Examinations will be conducted in mid semester and at the end of the semester.
Practical Assignments will be conducted each week and practical reports are required to be submitted the week following the completion of each assignment.

Program Outline

        1. Introduction
        2. Cell Structure
        3. Classification and nomenclature
        4. Main Groups of Gram +ve Bacteria
        5. Main Groups of Gram Negative Bacteria
        6. Microbial Growth
        7. Physical Factors Effecting Growth
        8. Chemical Requirements for Microbial Growth
        9. Biological Factors Effecting Growth
        10. Microbial Culture media
        11. Control of microbial growth
        12. Control with High Temperature
        13. Fermentations
        14. Microbial Metabolism
        15. Identification of Bacteria
        16. Viruses
        17. Parasitic diseases
        18. Food spoilage & Disease
 Practicum Program:
      1. Aseptic technique, Lab safety
      2. Smears, simple stain and microscope
      3. Gram stains
      4. Streak Plates
      5. Pour Plates
      6. Environmental Factors
      7. Indicating Media
      8. Multiple tube technique
      9. I.M.VP.C.
      10. Viable counts
      11. Surface counts
      12. Methylene and Resazurine
      13. Antiseptics
      14. Hand cleaning
      15. Food spoilage

The End

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