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Manage Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement


Power Point lecture 2008

Lecture One Intro. To Quality Management

Lecture Two Quality Management System

Lecture Three  Documentation for QA

 Documentation required for GMP”


Standard SOP template

Draft Test One

Lecture Four Total Quality Management


Lecture Four Sampling and Sample Plans


Lecture Five “GMP auditing Procedure


Lecture Seven “Principles of GLP

Lecture Eight “The t-trest

                     t-test example

                     t-test home work

                     How to calculate the t-test value

t-test of Fecal Coliform Data

Lecture Nine “Displaying and Analyzing Two Variable Data

                           Linear regression line (“line of best fit”)

                                c2 Test

                                Interpretation of the c2 Test results

Lecrure 10  Environmental management and ISO 14001


            Semester One Assignment


Semester Two

                Lecture One“QA

 in Analytical laboratories

              Lecture Two  Validation of Analytical methods

              Lecture Three 1)  Accreditation of Australian Pathology Laboratories

                                  HIC accreditation

                                     2) National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC)

                                                        2a) Guidelines for Quality Systems in Medical Laboratories

Lecture Four “Continuous Improvement and PDAC cycles

Lecture Five    Quality Improvement Teams

Lecture Six        :  Environmental Management Systems ( ISO14001)

Lecture Seven    Seven Tools of Quality Management

Lecture Eight:  “Identify Customer Need”

                           “Quality Function Deployment tutorial”

Lecture Nine: “Documentation Requirements”

Lecture Ten:   Sustainable Development”

Quality Control History

    The old masters never fade away
        Professor Tony Bendell


    Total Quality Control: a 'top down, bottom up' approach

 How did Statistical Quality Control Begin?

          What is Process Control


Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools and software

        Control Chart Cookbook

Six Sigma - What is Six Sigma?



        Design for Six Sigma

             Quality function deployment

Axiomatic design


                        Design of exper= iments

                        Taguchi methods

    Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training courses

Quality Assurance Standards

                        Good Manufacturing Practices

                ISO 9001

Operational Risk management

See also:         Rasco, B.A., Gleyn E Bledsoe, G.E., 2005, ‘Bioterrorism and Food Safety’, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida

Tasmanian State Government, 2002, ‘Developing a Risk Management Plan’ in Project Management - Tasmanian State Government Fact Sheets, accessed Jan 2006 from



Generate a Quality Assurance System


    Sampling Plans on Line

Manage Continuous Improvement

       PDCA Cycle

        Continuous Improvement Teams

                        Power point re: Quality Improvement Teams

        Problem solving techniques

            Creative/Lateral Thinking and Problem Solving.

        Integrating TRIZ with Problem solving techniques


Sample Test

            Interactive sample exam